Age: No Longer Just a Number

Age: No Longer Just a Number







Let's talk timeline

Vintage has quickly become a safe word used to market second life clothing and home decor into a successful and super trendy sub-culture.

Though loosely thrown around and a term assigned to almost anything one has not walked directly out of HomeSense with, there are in fact several stipulations as qualifying the era of a piece with the highly coveted V word:

Must be 20 and Over to Ride:

A basic rule of thumb is the twenty year mark. If an item is 20+ years old, it's considered vintage. So yes, those Modrobes you wore to the 7th grade dance in 2002 are just about to earn their designation.

Zoom in:

It's nice when a pattern screams 1970 or a box of glassware shows up in its original box but with no easy confirmation in sight, pay close attention to detail. Clothing made in Korea, Canada and India are often strong contenders while home decor with etched-in stamps, 10k gold inlay or of English descent share the same likelihood. When in doubt, drop some descriptors into google and chances are at least a very similar item will appear to help start your dig.

Chinese Food Only:

When it comes to China-made, stick to cuisine. No matter what, if it's made in China; it's inspired by vintage at best.



Give 'em something to gossip about

The heart wants what it wants and as it turns out, a lot of those love pumpers are longing for dated goods. Jewellery, handbags, end tables, wine glasses, even furs; if it's got a story, we want to be part of the next chapter.

There exists no black and white reason as to why we're constantly on the hunt for these items, but it's safe to say uniqueness and rarity are among the top ingredients. We don't want to greet our cubicle buddy first thing in the morning wearing the same ribbed mock neck dress from Zara and just the same we don't want to be spending our lunch break seeking out a sewing kit for the tear it'll see inside of a month. We want our dinner party guests whispering to one another about how cute the gold cutlery is and how even cuter it looks tapping against the pink wine glass when a toast is in the air. We want the quality that has since been abandoned throughout retail, and we want guests tuning out of that same dinner toast so consumed they are by getting the perfect Instagram post about it.

It's the adult cereal box; the constant pursue to collect them all.

- Sunday Stroll

Ready or not, here we come

Another favourable aspect among those with a keen eye for vintage goods is the hunt. Building a collection of Culver whisky glasses has no known timeline but finally finding that missing piece to complete a collection is a reward worth chasing. It's the adult cereal box; the constant pursue to collect them all.

The vintage seeker thrives in a harmony of puzzle and hunt. Like a jigsaw puzzle, they have a clear image of what they're trying to achieve and once that's registered they follow proverbial maps (marketplace, yard sales, auctions, curb side discards) in hopes of uncovering a chunk of the treasure.

Time is on your side

Vintage is first defined in relation to wine and the specific year the grapes used were harvested. Since this is a representation of time, and time is infinite, it's safe to say Vintage is here to stay.

With each new year, chunks of time transition from modern to vintage and from vintage to antique so as long as the clock is ticking your clothes, golf clubs, needlepoint throw pillows and fiesta bakeware are all on the appreciation elevator upward to vintage level.




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