Custom Furniture Refinishing

Okay, so you've lost that loving feeling. We get it, and we're here to help get that blood pumping once again!

Sunday Bespoke is an option that caters to those currently living with a piece of furniture that they are no longer excited about. Whether it's a family heirloom buffet gifted by your great aunts great aunt, or something as simple as a chest of drawers with unbeatable storage, if you need it in your home; we're here to make sure the style jives. 

Reach out here to get the conversation started. 

Try to include a photo & information on the following:

  • describe the piece; it's approximate size & style
  • describe its current function; what room does it currently live in? what are you using it for?
  • include any ideas of your own you have in mind; colours, style directions etc. 

We encourage you to tell us as much as possible, but we understand that sometimes you're just not sure. If you're more of a visual story-teller, we're happy to arrange on-site consulting at no cost. 


The fine print:

Bespoke work is quoted based on labour, supply & destination. We require a 50% deposit paid upfront, with the balance then due at delivery. All quotes are inclusive of item pick up & delivery unless otherwise agreed upon. Project timelines will vary and are subject to change. After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with next steps.