Capiz Swagger

Capiz Swagger

Capiz, pls

Boho babes, look no further! Capiz shell chandeliers are the epitome of vintage swag.

Come again?

Capiz. Is is a thing? A place? The not-so-shocking hostess’s name at that new overpriced vegan joint? It’s definitely the first two and let’s be honest, likely to be the third somewhere out there.

Firstly, Capiz is in fact a province in the Philippines with a population slightly south of one million. The capital of Capiz and its most toured region is Roxas City offering a climate that is of a tropical rainforest; warm, humid & rainy all year round.

Native to the province and baring no secrecy in their name are Capiz shells (also known as windowpane oysters) a durable and translucent shell that has been used in place of glass for literally thousands of years.

Today, vintage chasers are found gasping for air when met with a Capiz shell piece. Chandeliers are now making their comeback as all good things do, but were at the height of their original decor fame between the 1960’s and 1970’s and therefore have secured their spot with everyone’s favourite designation; mid-century modern.

Capiz shell chandeliers have secured their spot with everyone’s favourite designation; mid-century modern.

The aesthetic

A swag lamp is a staple in any boho crash pad. Keeping you safe from any hardwiring headaches, swag lamps plug into electrical sockets but are then draped upward to a first hook, then a second, then downward to their final resting place.

The swag lamp is home to that boho apartment life where pillows spend more time on the floor and though nothing really matches, everything just sort of does.

The care

Like most shells, Capiz shells are to be handled with care. Contrary however to their soft and delicate texture, they are very strong and surprisingly much more durable than they appear.
To keep your lampshade clean, use soap and water to gently wipe away any dust or dirt buildup.

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