Change for Laundry?

Change for Laundry?

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How it started vs.


The Stain

Dig deep enough into Instagram stories--the 126 weeks ago type--and you're bound to uncover question marks. "They went to Bahamas together?!", "she used to be blonde?!" "that's not the original business name?!" are all hidden gems of secrecy found in the depths of stories' graveyards and if the internet has taught us anything, are recoverable by anyone no matter how hard you try to hide 'em.


By its definition refers to clothes or linens that need to be washed or that have been washed. Second to that are the spinoff uses such as dirty laundry implying the publicizing of personal secrets and local laundry, the recycling of local goods.

Local Laundry, not an actual term as far as we know, was the original pet project name for what is now known as Sunday Stroll. The thought process behind this name was that recycled home decor and furniture would very much follow the same suit laundry typically does and would would be washed, repaired, freshened up and ready for new wear. Since items we're sourced locally, and nothing gets a heart pumping like alliteration, a brand that gives new love to pre-loved pieces was well suited to the name Local Laundry.

A mid century modern desk completed under the name Local Laundry

The Spins

Local Laundry was a slam dunk name for this pandemic-hobby-turned-small-business. The only problem is that it was too good. Shortly into formalizing the project with the name Local Laundry, I was approached by an Albertan clothier sharing the same name. With delicate threats (emoji's surrounding uses of the word legal and copyright) it was politely requested that I relinquish the name Local Laundry* and strip myself of any and all association.


*Heindsight 20/20: trademarking is the only way to secure a business name, slogan or logo. Doing so inflicts a true legal barrier in which others cannot second your work. Anything less ties your business to your name, but does not provide exclusive rights. As long as two businesses sharing the same name are not within the same capacity, name sharing is non-reprehensible until trademarked. For example, a coffee shop and a bakery cannot each name their business Cute Coffee, but a coffee shop and a store selling varying shades of brown bed linens can. In short, I could have fought harder.

Do Not Bleach

That breif but surprising lesson in business law I was forced to take was wearing on me like bleach does when accidentally met with a garmet it was not intended for. I had been working around the clock pumping out furniture pieces and (very slowly) making a name for myself locally only to have had a loud voice "shusshhh!" me just as I was making some noise. I had even seen my own name alongside my business Local Laundry in local print and as a credible reference in product review blog posts. Knowing that anyone who would happen upon Local Laundry only to be redirected to the preverbial 404: Not Found landing page of my life was extremely frustrating.

Freshly Pressed

The panic of coming up with a Local Laundry 2.0 (that was never an actual contender ps.) name had taken over immediately. "Can I even change an Instagram handle?" and "how long until this happens again?!" were two of two million questions and concerns running through my mind. Nevermind the fact that I had huge shoes to fill replacing a name that was already perfect. There was a lot of play on words talk; Glitter suggesting the glamorization of litter for one. There was also a lot of brainstorming with the word lemon for a reason I'm still not sure of, but I'm glad to have not robbed Beyonce of that trendy and fruitful branding. Somehow after flirting with days of the week and trying my hardest to manifest alliteration once again, Sunday Stroll appeared. Two words each of the same letter? Check. A name not already in the grips of another business owner? Check. A name that is backed by a whole mood and paints a very relatable picture of an afternoon? Check!

Ready to Wear

Today Local Laundry lives in a corner of my mind serving as nothing more than a lesson garbed annecdote (and of course content for a blog post). It has been nearly two years since Local Laundry bloomed into Sunday Stroll and with that have come several new articles, new eyes and new furniture pieces allowing for my looking back to be entirely painless. Local Laundry never sent fun seasonal postcards to clients. Local Laundry never had a decor department that served as the sprinkles on its home furnishing froyo's. Local Laundry never even had a website in its hayday. Beyond checking all those boxes and more, Sunday Stroll has the mark of business growth and the continued curiosity keep growing. We are about you doing you, and you being you and living each day as if there were no threats to interrupt that.


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