Here's How to Style your Minibar

Here's How to Style your Minibar

        The road to at-home cocktails is paved with thrill from shopping for supplies, to the art of crafting and of course the highlight; consumption. Often eclipsed however is the hub of this pseudo leisure sport, the home bar itself. Being one of the most purposeful and functional additions to a room, a bar cart (or cabinet) is the quintessential example of styled storage. Here are our top five tips for styling your next minibar:

Add Books

Books aren’t just for reading, and with the way your sippers go down it’s unlikely you’ll be able to focus on the written word anyway. Position books in stacks with their spines forward facing to achieve different heights across your surface. Whether your collection of visually appetizing reads is small or large, positioning bottles across their surfaces is a great way to highlight your more attractive menu options (and just the same an excellent way to hide your more exclusive labels)

Styling with Ingredients

True, the purpose of your minibar is to (cutely) store all your magic potions and their proper vessels—but who said it had to stop there? Add some colour to your surface by including a dish of common garnishes such as whole limes. For something more seasonal, try mini candy canes to replace swizzle sticks!

Flowers & Plants

Seldom does a space not improve following the addition of vegetation. A bouquet of flowers or a potted plant intermixed with your barscape can satisfy both the nose and the eyes while adding dimension in its height too. 

Cabinet Doors 

Those akin to hosting cocktail soirees are likely to keep variety inside their bar. When you start tinkering with recipes that call for several alcoholic ingredients, you’re bound to rack up a collection fast and thats before your guests arrive baring gifts. If yours is the party house, consider a closed cabinet over a cart. Your future self will thank you for being  able to simply shut a cabinets doors and recoup in peace.

Artwork above

If you’re looking to exhibit your hobby beyond flavourful crafting, look up. Minibars positioned against a wall are with opportunity for like-styled artwork to guide the way to wavytown. Spare the Mixology table from your dorm room days and instead opt for a print that marries your spaces’ overall style with cocktail hour. ∆

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