Indoor Cleavage

Indoor Cleavage

If you've got it,
flaunt it.
Just not at home.

What a beautiful space you’ve created! Your walls are the perfect pigment, your furniture pops as it’s purposefully positioned to swallow the sunlight let in by that window and the decor? You’re doin’ your dwell game strong and every visitor you have knows it. 

Thank you, you say. Followed up with a sweaty, panicked plead:

Just don’t look up. Please, please don’t look UP!


Looking directly at the sun has always been a no-no and that applies indoors too. Up is where your ceiling is. It’s where paint is a headache to handle and where cobwebs get their cozy on but worse than these two easy eliminations? The ceiling is where that godawful light fixture lives. If you’re lucky, your former homeowners left you with a caned ceiling fan that at least offers air circulation to offset its eyesore. If however you’re part of the majority of residents new to a space, then chances are you’re staring up at the famous boob light. 


was that boob?!

Yes, we said boob. Because once you see it, you’ll never not see it. The boob light is a semi-flush, builder-grade, pendant light that no one likes but everyone has lived with. Its circular shape gradually reduces in size from its base to tip where it is met with its finial. Look up at one now and henceforth recognize these as boob lights. 

The boob light also known as a semi-flush mount dome light fixture.

Need we say more?


Tasteful Exposure

Lighting in your home isn’t about preventing a toe stub on the way to the bathroom. Lighting in your home is the fine jewelry that adorns your fresh-til-death getup. The finishing touches you could leave the house without, but will surely have you feeling naked all day. Kate Hudson looked damn delicious in that yellow gown, but let’s not forget the whole point of that night out was the Frost Yourself campaign launch and while she got her “I’m effortlessly beautiful, we belong together” point across, those last minute diamonds she had on borrow really drove the look home. 

The point is, lighting makes a statement. From a tabletop lamp or two, scaling up to a wall sconce, or even hanging above you like the higher power it is, changing up your lighting game to suit your space is an inexpensive upgrade with massive return. It's the jewlery your room is begging to wear.

Lighting in your home isn’t about preventing a toe stub on the way to the bathroom. Lighting in your home is the fine jewelry that adorns your fresh-til-death getup. The finishing touches you could leave the house without but surely will have you feeling naked all day.

— Sunday Stroll

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Nevermind Natural

So you have two opposing windows each facing east and west and all they do is engulf your living space with sunlight through all hours of the day. How nice for you. 

While most of us call it lucky to live with even just one grandiose window to the world outside, natural lighting isn’t the be all, end all to illumination. Natural lighting brightens up a space the same way it makes your skin glow so majestically that often times you’ll stop what you’re doing just to have your camera capture it. It’s an unmatched vibrance in a vortex where bright meets warm and despite how many different ways we try to replicate it; through apps, ring lights or otherwise, will always remain in a class of its own. 

Indoor lighting does not offer this. Indoor lighting obviously aids in our ability to crack a book open at 11pm just the same as it ensures we use sugar to bake and not salt. A table lamp or ceiling pendant is functional in this way but dig a little deeper and you’ll notice the root word of function is fun. 

Introducing new light fixtures into your home is primarily about adding personality beyond the boring boobs that were there from build. It’s about complimenting the tone of a space and enhancing its look. Indoor lighting; a pair of matching table lamps, a Capiz shell swag lamp or even a crystal chandelier all act as the diamonds levelling up your homes’ yellow dress. The fact that you’re no longer reaching blindly for the Merlot is just a bonus. 

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