That Brass Though

That Brass Though

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Brass and glass teamup for a vintage design aesthetic that never stops turning heads.

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Here for the brass

Who would have thought that the brushed stainless steel faucet with extendable hose and motion sensor you had to have in the kitchen would have you now maxed out at 'meh?'  

We love gold. We love it trimming our marble phone case--pretty over protection of course, capping off our nail art, and no doubt glimmering in little pockets throughout our home. Gold decor, from rear ends to end tables brings a luxurious warmth to a home unmatched by any other metal.

Be it solid brass, brass-plated, or a simple DIY spraypaint project, gold decor is the perfect hybrid of edgy and neutral.

gold metal framework has become synonymous with brass to the point where we categorize anything gold in our home as such.

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The real deal

With the trendy skyrocket of gold among home decor, it’s no surprise that brass or brass-inspired furniture is a fan favourite. In fact, gold metal framework has become synonymous with brass to the point where we categorize anything gold in our home as such. While it’s fine your get your point across by referring to your new flatware as brass, let’s be clear on what actually determines the real deal: 

Brass is gold in colour, but is a metal alloy of its own comprised of zinc and copper. Gold furniture or decor framework that is not brass is at best brass plated steel or iron or otherwise simply painted metal. The best way to identify whether your brass is the real deal or just for show is with a magnet. Real brass will not react to a magnet near by because the alloy is not magnetic. Because pieces that are faux brass are only coated in gold, when the magnet sticks you know the aesthetic is just a tease. 

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I ain't never seen
brass like that

And honestly, you probably wont.

Brass is badass. It's expensive, heavy and hard to come by. With mirrors and decor trinkets being the most popular brass items available through vintage retailers, large scale items such as furniture remain a challenge to come by but if you happen to luck out and find some, be prepared to fork over a gold bar or two to make it yours.

If you're simply aesthetic-hungry, vintage gold and glass furniture is much more affordable and just as drool-worthy. Bringing a piece or two into your home will effortlessly introduce an Art-Deco meets Hollywood Regency vibe without totally scaring off your existing decor. Vintage gold furniture has proven to coexist happily among neutral living spaces just as it satisfies bolder rooms with it's pop-factor.

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