Don't Let Him Wu You

Don't Let Him Wu You


Don't Let Him Wu You!

For the Love of Wu Tang

Remember when you tried so hard to like Wu-Tang because your 8th grade crush spent time rocking (what probably turned out to belong to his older bro) their iconic W band tee?

You “liked” Wu-Tang because someone else did. Your math added up to “if I like ______, then ________ will like me!”

As soon as 3:30 hit the walkman was on but you know very well that the only male vocals cooing in your ear were that of the new Millennium album. This is where your heart really was and though this may have not been the popular vote among your desk-quadrant crush, or those on the other side of the forever N*SYNC vs BSB debate, the sexy ballads of Nick Carter and his boys were home. 

The Wu is Real

Home is where the heart is. It’s where you decide what flows and what goes but too often we settle for what others prefer and home decor is no exception. We catch a reel featuring a white kitchen peppered with black hardware and while that does look every bit the spic and span we all dream our kitchen to be, it’s not always what we want. Somehow though, we start to veer away from our decor hopes and dreams and before we know it, our sisters (or neighbours, or Chrissy Tigens) influence has us forgetting the browser tabs laden with unique decor that have been living free for a month on our screen and somehow Wayfair is suddenly at the door with a wrought iron candlestick chandelier*

*made in China, assemble yourself using size 8 font instructions and a 40% chance for English translation

"Decorating your living space is building a bespoke relationship from the ground up. You have the power to add and omit every possible design detail."
- Sunday Stroll

Listen to your Heart

(when decor is calling for you)


It’s one thing to fill your Aritzia cart with $650 in blazers that at best will be worn with pajama bottoms only to then to have a sensibility breakthrough and bail at the payment screen (satans finest work is autopopulate) but it’s quite another to do so with your home decor.

Say you want to invite some height into your living space and a stunning tabletop lotus lamp rolls through your feed. You already have the perfect surface to welcome it into your home and the price is right too (though you can't put a price on love, tbh.) Excited by what might very well become your newest decor addition, you parade your find to your top text contacts only to hear crickets on the other end. This is usually where outside influence meets hesitation and a cart abandonment baby is born. This baby is how you end up in Homesense.

Ask yourself this; do you remove your blouse and stuff it in your desk drawer if your friend doesn’t love it? Of course not. You’re wearing that blouse because you chose it and you chose it because you liked it. And whether that blouse is made of two tone glitter or just a simple white & whiter polyblend, it's making you feel good and when you feel good, you look good.

Your home likes to feel good too and moreover, your home likes when you're feeling good inside it. Decorating your living space is building a bespoke relationship from the ground up. You have the power to add and omit every possible design detail. Just because your mom cringes at your 3ft tall table lamp bursting with three dimensional blooms (it reminds her of the guy she dated right before your father) doesn't mean it won't pop in your living space. Save the carbon copying for your email and bring things into your home that make you feel things, are an expression of who you've grown to become and above all, are things (decor, light fixtures, textiles, paint colours) you love!


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