The Full Story

Back in March of 2020, I learned I was bad at baking. It wasn’t so much of a following instructions type of misguide as it was an issue more so never being able to let batter become bake.
Pandemic prison had just kicked off and I knew if I kept down the batter path, I would be stuck inside my four walls beyond the order of our government. 
I looked around my condo and the only thing staring back at me was apartment beige. Whether it was in fact the tones of severe boredom seeping from my pores and reflecting onto the walls, or simply one of the forever question marks that is choosing apartment beige as your paint colour; it had to go. I ordered white paint online and a week later (they were still figuring things out back then) I had a project. 
I painted the living room a stark, vibrant, turn your screen up to eleven WHITE. And I loved it. Everything I owned popped against this clinical backdrop. Try and imagine your apartment having that hot-shower-and-into-new-sheets feeling. 
*  *. *  
Most people run out of paint but I ran out of wall. This was a tiny Toronto home. The canvas was small. 
I started to paint some furniture in my home; those “I should definitely do that but real talk never will” pieces that Instagram motivates you flirt with and then ultimately toast a bagel and scroll past instead. 
I gave love to things that needed it. I painted, I learned to use a drill (effectively), and I slowly started to build an inventory.
Months passed and supplies grew. What didn’t grow however, was the size of my home. The first floor became a jungle gym to navigate as it had evolved (permission-less, of course) into a functioning workspace complete with everything from a staging corner (thanks again, white walls) to a spray tent on the patio. I was crafting by day and teaching myself the 'gram game by night. 
*  *  *
It's been near two years now and Sunday Stroll continues to blossom. We believe that to feel love, you need to see it which is why each piece is crafted with meticulous detail, colour patters and of course the occasional pop-culture inspiration.