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Secret Garden Mini Bar

Secret Garden Mini Bar

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Discover what hides behind the closed doors of our Secret Garden Mini Bar!

Crafted by Gibbard (oh, Canada!) and of solid wood, a snap closure of its either door leads way to interior shelving of ample storage. 

With a subtle abstract pattern on either wall of its exterior and a creamy white-washed wood banding, this low key minibar piece offers a more coastal take on Mid Century style. 

Dimensions: 39"w, 19"d, 31"h. Interior shelving 6.5" & 8"h

Features & Composition:

  • Canadian made with interior Gibbard stamping 
  • Solid wood throughout
  • Removable divider inside top drawer
  • Statement interior featuring textured floral liner
  • Magnetic snap-closure on doors
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